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10 questions to ask your salespeople

Posted by Rick Roberge  9/7/17 6:52 AM

There's at least 100 more, but 10 is a start.


  • Do They Prospect Consistently?
  • Do They Reach Decision Makers?
  • Do They Get Referrals from Customers / Network
  • Do They Ask Great Questions
  • Do They Understand How Prospects Will Buy
  • Do They Develop Rapport Quickly?
  • Do They Find a Way to Close?
  • Are They Derailed by Put-Offs?
  • Do They Make Inappropriate Quotes?
  • Do They Uncover Actual Budget?

Clearly, there are A LOT MORE questions that you could ask, but do you know the answers to these? If you would like to compare your salespeople to 1.1 million that OMG has evaluated (for free) use this link. 

BTW, how tall would your company's bar be in these graphs?



Consultative Selling.jpg



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