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3 Ways to Get a Sale Faster Than a Cold Call

Posted by Rick Roberge  4/8/17 7:55 AM

It happened again.

A salesman booked a call with us saying that he had listened to Michael's podcast and when he told Michael that "he was looking for a Live Coach to help with Cold Calling", Michael suggested that he speak to us.

When Carole saw the booking, she replied with, "I have to ask-why cold calling? Is that the only thing you are doing? Is that your idea or someone else's that you should be doing it? Are you getting any clients that way now? Does your company generate leads for you?"

The salesman replied, "A lot of the sales leaders/authors I have read have stated that Cold Calling is the fastest and most effective way to build up your sales pipeline and funnel, not through Email, Social Media, etc. We sent out direct mail packages before but unless I follow up with a call they rarely get back to us.

I have gotten meetings via Cold Calls; however I haven't been able to close them. The company has a strong Search Engine Ranking online so we do get some leads through that method."

  • Cold calls to strangers can be scary.
  • Caller ID, call blocking, voice mail and cell phones replacing land lines can reduce the effectiveness of cold calls.
  • Even before these obstacles, many salespeople weren't good enough on the phone to make a good cold call.

Please understand that I was very good at making cold calls and I made thousands of them, but I don't believe that I've made ONE this decade. There are so many other ways to get a sale, even if your website sucks, even if you don't have a thousand articles published, and especially if you don't have 6 - 18 months to build your inbound marketing traffic.

I have three suggestions, but first I'd like to share two concepts.

First concept is that buyers typically buy for one of three reasons.

  1. They like the solution better than the rest.
  2. They like the company reputation better than the rest.
  3. They like the salesperson better than the rest.

Second concept is that prospects that enter further down your funnel/pipeline will not only close more quickly, but have a higher probability of closure. 

If you don't believe that these two concepts are reasonable, you can stop reading, but if you think that they're possible, these suggestions might work for you.


Download The Inbound Way To Use LinkedIn. You may enjoy the whole ebook, but pay close attention to Chapter 3 and the "Reaching out to people you don't know" and "Asking for an introduction or a share" section.

Referrals & Introductions

Develop a 'script' to use with people that have done business with you in the past, even if it wasn't at your current job. This recorded webinar may help or ask an expert on the next sales lab.

Lost Sales

Read this article. I know that it's not year end, but it works anyway....

In July, 2015 we advised a client to send this email out to people that had visited their website in January, then February, etc.

It looks like you visited our website last February. Did anyone from my company contact you?

Would you mind replying to let me know:

if someone contacted you?
if you received everything you were looking for?
if it's OK to remove you from our database?

He closed a $100K retainer in August. Not a bad use for a lead that he thought was dead.

Again, if you'd like to run a specific scenario, get it on the agenda on the next sales lab.

One last thing. There are more ways to build a pipeline and close more deals, but we'll typically introduce at least one of these methods to every new client because we want them to make a sale and show an ROI as quickly as possible,

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