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Are LinkedIn Company Pages People?

Posted by Michael Hurczyn

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 11/13/15 11:00 AM

Let's not bother asking SCOTUS, but instead ask our prospects.  

I recently received the following LinkedIn message from a fan:

I just finished reading The Inbound Way to Use LinkedIn, and found it full of actionable advice both for marketers and for job-hunters (several of my friends are in that stage, so I'm planning to share the landing page link).

In addition to letting you know how great the book was, though, I have a follow-up question: What are the best ways to increase your company page's presence on LinkedIn? I'm currently posting curated news interspersed with our own content to our company page, but I don't see a way to comment on other posts as our company, or to participate in groups as the company rather than myself (or in conjunction with myself).

What do you think? Is it better just to focus on building on our personal accounts and trust that people will associate us with our current company, or are there company-focused strategies that I'm missing?

In our LinkedIn eBook, we offered advice in regards to posting comments which is, "Be genuinely interested in them before asking them to be interested in you."  It's a great way to attract attention and start engagement, but can a company be genuinely interested in a person or is it that a person who happens to work for a company that is genuinely interested in the other person?  

Let's look at it another way.  How comfortable do you feel when the only option to contact a company is sales@company.com?  Would you rather receive an email from info@company.com or rachel@company.com?  

We The People

In Pete Caputa's article 3 Theories I'd like to Prove About Selling, the third theory is, Salespeople should build their expertise publicly, in order to command respect and trust from prospects - more quickly and more easily. Can a company do this on behalf of their salespeople?  I'm thinking that Pete wants the salesperson to build expertise, so the salesperson is building their reputation and vouching for the company rather than the other way around.

To answer the original question, Is it better just to focus on building on our personal accounts and trust that people will associate us with our current company...?  The answer is, yes. LinkedIn accounts belong to individuals, but those individuals are representing a company as much as themselves.

Have you ever looked up a person's LinkedIn profile while you are still on the phone with them?  And then migrate to their company page? And then end up on their website?  It happens everyday.  

Could marketing help their sales teams position themselves better?  Probably, yes. 

Part of it may be branding, visuals, etc...

Part of it may be sending salespeople here-

New Call-to-action

If your salespeople "get" LinkedIn, maybe they should just jump to here- 

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