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Why You Don't Need a Web Presence to Have a Business

Posted by Carole Mahoney on 12/29/11 10:33 AM

Happy Birthday to Rick Roberge, My Smarketing Guru

I had to be the one to write this post, because if a (several-decades) older salesman (guru or not) said it, you might be likely to think "Dinosaur.", disregard it, and it would be your loss. That just doesn't sit right with me.

But if I say it, being a 10 year internet marketing vet, sales apprentice, data junkie and passionate business builder, it might make you pause long enough to think "What the hell is she talking about?" Now I have a chance to broaden your thinking.

If you are just catching this story and want to get the history behind it, read the story behind my turning to the "dark-side" of sales.

Examples of Successful Industries that Do Not Need a Web Presence

While on our next to last group coaching call this morning, one person was surprised when Rick said to him, "Well, maybe when you ask these questions, you might find out that he really doesn't need a website."

WHAT? Rick continued:

Do you want some examples of very successful industries that don't have a web presence? In fact it would certainly have a detrimental impact on their prosperity. Those are;

  • Bookies
  • Prostitutes
  • Drug dealers

We all laughed, silly Rick. But then he went on to say (as I have heard myself say several times when people asked me how I got this company to grow as I have);

"The thing is, the only difference between those industries and any other is that they survive solely on word of mouth (WOM). If they had a web presence, it would be all that much easier for the cops to find them. Now think about your prospect. Will a website help them get found? Absolutely. Is their business going to die out if they don't have one? Maybe not, but it will be a lot easier to get found by prospects if they did."

Why You Don't Need a Website, Facebook, or Twitter Account to Grow Your Business

No, I am not crazy or bewildered, confused or confounded. I know, from personal experience, that you can get customers without having a website. My very first customer when I opened the doors came to me by word of mouth. The next one came to me because we had worked together at a previous company. The first customer referred me to one of their customers. That customer then left the company, and referred me to the new company she worked for.

I still didn't even have a blog, wasn't on Facebook, hadn't heard of twitter and my laptop was 5 years old.

Rick Roberge, Smarketing GuruAnd so I am dedicating this post to Rick today, on his momentus birthday. After all, what can you give the guy who has everything he wants and needs?

Like any student, what else can you say but thank you? At least I can now do so with a much bigger microphone.

Well, maybe there is something that you can do. Help me convince Rick to do an encore. We have until Jan 1. I think?

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