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Social media, sales, and one night stands.

Posted by Carole Mahoney on 6/5/12 1:50 PM

Are sales 2.0 tools helping or hindering your bottomline revenue?

Rick Roberge published a great post today about sales 2.0 tools that I fear many will miss the point on. Some will miss the point because they are too busy critiquing the approach to align with current 'social media best practices'. Others will miss the point because they are still trying to apply traditional sales techniques and tactics with sales 2.0 tools, bypassing the opportunity for a real and meaniful connection while turning off potential customer evangelists from the start. Talk about a 2 for 1 scenario.

I was about to write a comment to Rick's post when I realized I was getting on my soap box and starting to write an entire post myself. So rather than steal Rick's soap box, I will just shine some light on it.

Dating and sales is a great analogy. So after you read Rick's post, imagine your sales process is like a guy who goes to a hotel bar and sees a cute girl. He walks up to her and introduces himself, maybe he uses a pick up line she has heard before, or it is a bad pick up line.

Regardless, the girl responds by handing him her room key and inviting him up. Now if the guy is really just looking to get to know her and see if maybe they could get a coffee, find out if they have anything in common (synergy), he is going to be turned off. If she is willing to give her room key to anyone who shows interest, is he really interested in a relationship with a girl like that?

Now if he is the Gene Simmons of the sales world and every LinkedIn connection, twitter follower, or blog subscriber is like another trophy conquest, then he would probably accept her LI request, use it as another notch in his connections number, and never call on her again except to send spam email to her or follow her on twitter.

I don't think Rick is that kind of guy... But this also illustrates a common, and rising, issue with social media.

What Social Media and Sales Is (and Isn't)

The purists of social media will say it is a human network, connecting like-minded people and finding new perspectives, sharing knowledge and creating a community. Purists and idealists are not the prevailing users of social media unfortunately. (but there are some who are the leaders of it)

Rick is illustrating what social media stupidity looks like. "Follow me and I will follow you" even though we have nothing in common, are in no way relevant to one another, etc...

Where have the relationships in social media gone? Is social media just a one-night stand for most people? Is that the real reason why so few actually see ROI from it?

One more question- why is social media still in the marketing camp? Why aren't more entreprenuers, sales managers, owners and founders insisting that their sales people not just have a social media presence, but actually know how to work it, connect, etc?

Do you want to learn how to use sales 2.0 tools to develop real business connections that will help to fill your pipeline and close more sales?

Are you tired of the one night stands that never seem to go anywhere?

Are you ready to settle down to some real sales 2.0 ROI?

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