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The Science of Sales Development- Part 1

I have been talking a lot about the book ‘The Science of Selling’ lately because it begins to tell us- according to objective science- how buyers buy and the behaviors needed by salespeople to align to that.

It’s about time that sales leaders and...

How Inbound Has Ruined Salespeople

Every so often, I notice a pattern happening with coaching clients.

The one that has been getting my attention lately is that most seem to be in reaction mode. For example, rather than asking buyers layered questions leading up to demos and...

What are the fundamentals of sales?

There was a recent conversation happening among sales leaders, managers, and representatives around the question “Does mastering the fundamentals lead to improved sales performance?”

No surprise that the answer was yes, of course it does. What...

The Best Gift You Can Give This Year

This morning, a coaching client emailed me and said, "Carole, we've already talked about XYZ prospects but I easily forget things. I'd like to revisit that conversation on this morning's call."  

3 Strategic Sales Performance Analysis Techniques to Increase Sales

What is the objective of sales performance analysis?  

Do you believe that the objective of data analysis is to find a problem to fix? Is the only way to achive better results in sales and marketing to focus on where quotas are not being met? 

What Do Science, Sales, Marketing and Harley-Davidson Have in Common?

Marketing Lessons from Harley Davidson & Dr. Dave Reibstein

Last night the Maine Center for Creativity hosted a talk with Dr. Dave Reibstein (herein referred to as Dr. Dave) To be truthful, I had signed up for the talk in November and had forgotten...

Smarketing Tip: Is Your Sales Team All Talk?

Smarketing Analysis: Why Are Girls Better at Sales Than Boys?

The Sales Battle of the Sexes Answer

Girls have more tools, and they were raised to know how to use them. So this post is not meant to rub it in the boy's faces, but my intentions are that my observations will be taken as helpful tips to the boys...

B2B Sales Development Analysis: Smarketing and the Perfect Match

Prospecting, Smarketing, and Buyer Intent

In a previous smarketing post, I explore the challenges that sales and marketing have when trying to determine if the marketing message was attracting the right people. 

B2B Sales Development Breakthrough: Smarketing & Prospecting Tools

Can the Right Prospecting Tool Expediate Your B2B Sales Process?

Previously, a sales person's best prospecting tools were:

  • Yellow pages (click image to watch video)

  • Chamber of Commerce listings

  • Hoover's or D&B subscriptions

  • Family,...