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The Unnoticed Obstacle to Achieving Your Sales Goals

Posted by Carole Mahoney  8/18/17 2:09 PM

Lately, I have observed that several of the clients I have been working with, from salesperson to VP, have struggled with maintaining a positive outlook. No surprise when you consider that some studies show that 60-70% of our daily thoughts are negative, and not only that, but 95% of our thoughts are repetitive. So not only are they bad, they’re repeating themselves a lot. No wonder creating a positive outlook was one of the hardest things I had to do when I got into sales! It gets easier, but like most things- if you don’t use it, you lose it. Daily maintenance is crucial.

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How to improve your decision making to sell better

Posted by Carole Mahoney  5/19/17 9:41 AM

I don’t enjoy shopping and it’s all my mom’s fault.

It felt like every weekend was another shopping adventure. Saturday mornings while my sister and I did our chores, she surfed the flyers for sales, coupons, etc. The driving to multiple stores, wandering up and down the aisles, comparing prices, features and benefits was mind numbing to me. Only to end up back at one of the first stores to get the thing she had to have.

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The Science of Sales Development- Part 2

Posted by Carole Mahoney  3/24/17 12:24 PM

Who on your team can and will improve their sales performance?

If you are a sales leader, you have probably asked yourself and maybe even others; “How long should I hold on to a sales team member who is not achieving even 50% of his/her quota?" And in conjunction with the previous question, "How do I know when they have coached enough to give up?”

These were a few of the questions that a VP of Sales at a tech company asked me recently. They are not easy questions to answer, but I have been hearing them a lot lately. Who wants to give up right before you are about to see results? Or perhaps you feel the weight of the investment and don’t want to admit the loss? So much time, money, and energy has already been put into this person and the cost of a failed hire is high (yes- even if they are commission only). That cost is especially high for small businesses bootstrapping growth.

And if you aren’t at that point of trying to decide whether or not to give up on certain members of your team, you may be asking yourself;

  • Who should be trained and coached?
  • What should we be training and coaching on?
  • How do we know if they will improve?

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The Science of Sales Development- Part 1

Posted by Carole Mahoney  3/15/17 7:59 AM

I have been talking a lot about the book ‘The Science of Selling’ lately because it begins to tell us- according to objective science- how buyers buy and the behaviors needed by salespeople to align to that.

It’s about time that sales leaders and experts turned to proven science. Rather than the bias of our own individual experience and success, proven science is a concept that has been verified through vigorous, scholarly research. It has been tested and verified through multiple sources. It goes through a peer review.

Behavioral scientist David G. Myers wrote, “A scientific theory explains through an integrated set of principles that organizes observations and predicts behaviors or events.” Scientists do not debate core scientific principles. (Cold calling is dead! Social selling is a scam! Sound familiar?) Is it any wonder why sales leaders and salespeople are confused and overwhelmed? How can they possibly know what is real, tested, and true? There needs to be a consensus as to what is known (according to science) and what is not known.

And while science answers many things, it raises even more questions in my mind. Now that we know what we should be doing, the next question is- will we do it and how well? How does our own psychology play into this formula? Can we truly change our own psychology?

And given this science-how does training and coaching need to change and work together? How can we help leaders develop their people and how can salespeople quickly adapt and change- not just once but continuously? And not just according to the latest fad, tech, methodology, or an expert’s “special sauce” but according to scientific principles?

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Why We Need the Science of Sales Development

Posted by Carole Mahoney  3/13/17 1:22 PM

One of the problems with sales today

I had read Dan Tyre’s article on the HubSpot blog, “6 Phrases Sales Managers Use That Always Backfire”. The article and some of the comments highlighted what I see as one of the major problems happening with inside sales today.

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The Renaissance of Sales

Posted by Carole Mahoney  2/27/17 11:27 AM

What will it take to create respect for the sales profession?

The state of sales today reminds me of what the state of the medical profession from the 16-18th centuries was. Sales, like medicine, has been evident since the beginning of recorded history in one form or another. Like salespeople today, being a medical professional (doctor, surgeon, apothecary) then did not grant the same level of respect that modern medical professionals take for granted today.

Prior to the 16th century, medicine was more mystical and based on the observations of a few. In fact, if you wanted to study medicine prior to the 16th century, it would include both physical and spiritual therapy from herbs and suitable diet as well as Mass, prayers, relics of saints, and music.

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The Art and Science of Layered Sales Questions

Posted by Carole Mahoney  1/27/17 1:30 PM

At this past week’s #livesaleslab we talked about asking questions. It came up in nearly every conversation we had in the past week with new coaching clients so it was hard to ignore. I have always called it drill down questions, but I like layered better because drill down seems forced, and layers are more gentle and natural. Like cake, or even onions. There we go- buyers are like onions. Like Shrek.

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