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Your Buyer's Buyer

Posted by Carole Mahoney on 8/9/18 9:56 AM

Your Buyer's Buyer

Occasionally during a #livesaleslab, where salespeople come every week to share the struggles they have and get coaching on different strategies and techniques to try, unexpected conversations come up.

A recent unexpected conversation was actually a continuation of what what to do when people ghost you. We had some returning visitors with us and they shared some of the ways that it happens to them. Afterward, I shared this strategy that I call:

Solving for Your Buyer's Buyer

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Often times, what tends to happen to us when prospecting or during communications with our prospects and buyers is that we end up talking all about ourselves.

We talk about our solutions.

We talk about our products.

We talk about what we want and think.

It's what we're familiar with. It's where we're comfortable. We are human beings, and human beings care about themselves first by nature.

What if we stop thinking about our solution and work backwards from our solution to the impact that our solution have on what problem? Are we actually talking about the problems and issues that the people we are talking to care about? Or are we talking about our solutions and what we care about?

Think about your messaging. Think about your outreach. Ask yourself, are you talking about your buyer's problems? Or even better; are you talking about your buyer's buyer? Instead of just focusing on what the internal problem that they have, focus on what the impact that problem has on on their customer.

If you're selling B2B, this where you're going to find real compelling reasons to change the status quo. Because when you're focusing on your customer's buyer, you're focusing on the thing that they care about, and that's going to have the impact on their business.

Some simple questions you could ask to get there:

  • What's going on?
  • How long has it been that way?
  • Why is this important?
  • What have you tried?
  • Why isn't that working?
  • Who else does this impact?
  • How is it impacting them?
  • What if it doesn't get fixed?

Your Turn!

Take another look at your messaging. Ask yourself, are you talking all about me? Or are you  talking all about their problems and the impact it has?

Take the #notaboutme pledge!

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