What sales questions should you be asking?

When should you be asking them?

Download the customizable "Layered Question & Buyer Process Framework" for some sample questions and issues to address that will help you start to create value and insights with your buyers during their buying process from the very first interactions.

Each layer of questions digs into:

  • Layer 1: Do you understand the problem? Do they have a problem you can fix?
  • Layer 2: Why is it a problem? Do they know it?
  • Layer 3: Why it is important to fix? Do they want it fixed?
  • Layer 4: How will it be decided? Can they tell me to fix it?
  • Layer 5: What is it worth? What if it is not fixed?
  • Layer 6: Do you agree? Is the close natural and expected?

Download the customizable excel worksheet that you can use to plan out the questions you need to be asking to help your buyers make the right decisions. 

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