What do you need to do to finish 2017 strong?

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Sign up for the Dog Days Coaching Program before Labor Day, September 4, 2017, to get up to 4 months of training and personal 1-1 coaching for the price of the 3 month program.

This end of year sales coaching program includes:

  • Entrepreneurial sales evaluation and personal review
  • Goal setting framework
  • Ideal buyer persona framework
  • Value proposition development
  • Multiple opportunity calls for strategy, role-play, and debriefing
  • Weekly small group coaching calls 
  • Daily email correspondence editing support
  • Content creation brainstorming and editing
  • Social media interaction training
  • Access to all on demand training modules and worksheets

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Get a jump on the end of year.

What others are saying.

"I found the coaching and advice to be incredibly unique from anything else that I've read or been through in the past. During our engagement, I was able to close about twice as much business as I had prior." ~Rick Whittington

"Within the first 30 days we successfully closed a contract... doesn't just provide the answer but teaches how to arrive there." ~Drew DeGrado

"...impressed with ... depth of knowledge and no-nonsense approach...guided me through my demons & constraints and helped me create a systematic sales process to keep my pipeline flowing. ~David Morrison

"Within two weeks ...I found my self approaching sales conversations in a totally different way.~Chris Battis

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