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Ask us anything about acquiring better customers, converting more leads, or getting more referrals from happy customers.

  • What question(s) should you be asking? What should they sound like?
  • Why don't people respond to you? Is it your tonality or demeanor?
  • How do you differentiate yourself from the competition?
  • Which leads are best to follow up with, when, and how?

Send us your question and be part of the live audience where we address your question directly. Every Thursday at 3pm EST we will record the live session as part of an ongoing series of Q & A. You get to be part of the live audience to listen and react to the questions that other sales professionals ask.

Join the ranks of evolved salespeople, sales managers, and executives who understand that the sales approach and process has to change with the way people buy today. 

Hosted by Carole Mahoney and Rick Roberge.

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