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Do's & don'ts for sellers when using video in the sales process

Using video in the sales process can be a very effective strategy! But what are the things to focus on in order to get the best results?

In this clip, Karthi Mariappan, the Co-founder and CEO of Hippo Video, discusses what you should and...

How selling changed & what new opportunities that brings

In this clip from the What Sales Can Learn From series featuring Karthi Mariappan, Karthi discusses how selling changed in the past few years and what new opportunities there are for sellers to connect with prospects and buyers.

How sales leaders should be reimagining their sales strategy in the midst of this isolating pandemic

In today's environment, businesses across the board are having to adjust and make changes almost daily. The same holds true for salespeople and sales leaders.

In this clip, Karthi Mariappan discusses how sales leaders should be reimagining their...

Why understanding the value proposition is key in how to sell

You know that your value proposition is crucial in being able to effectively sell.

In this clip featuring Karthi Mariappan, the Co-founder and CEO of Hippo Video, to learn more about why missing the point with value prop is a major mistake. 

Why being authentic really matters

Using the right language to can help you to get people to open up. But it’s more than just using the right words, it’s staying focused on being authentic and truly caring about the relationship. 

Learn more in this clip featuring Liz Ritzcovan.

How should sales leaders prepare for the bounce back?

As a sales leader, you always want to be prepared. So what should leaders be focused on now in order to be prepared for the rebound when the time comes?

Learn what Liz Ritzcovan, has to say in this clip.

Why relationship building is more important now more than ever

Liz Ritzcovan and her team have been really proactive about reaching out to their customers well in advance, before their customers need them.

Learn more in this clip where Liz explains why focusing in on the relationships and reinforcing...

Important aspects of leading a team during these times

Clear communication during times like this is absolutely critical. Liz Ritzcovan believes that there is no such thing as too much communication. But what other aspects should leaders really be focusing on today?

Learn more in this clip from the...

What lesson have you learned from making a past mistake?

Being assumptive is a mistake that Liz Ritzcovan recognized and learned from. In this clip, Liz shares why accurate interpretation is so important. 

Learn more by checking out the clip below!

How to learn from mistakes quickly

What things can you put in place in order to learn from mistakes quickly?

Check out what Sara Gupta, the VP of Sales at Amperity, has to say about what works for her in this clip from the What Sales Can Learn From series.