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Buyer First: My Heartfelt Journey Unveiled

A Revolutionary Approach to Sales

My Entrepreneurial Triumph: From Struggle to Success

I was honored to be asked to be a guest at the Monday Night Reading with AJ Harper last week. I read selected pieces of my Buyer First book. This piece was a raw expression of my “Struggle to Success”Almost two decades ago, when I ventured into the...

Prospecting Lesson: Don't try this at home

This chapter may be the whole reason you buy this book!

How Meditation Can Transform Your Sales Success

In my book, "Buyer First," I emphasize the significance of meditation and mindfulness practice - a whopping eleven times to be precise. Meditation enhances mental health and rewires our brains to form genuine connections with buyers.So, let's...

Fostering Accountability: Empowerment for Growth and Success

Sometimes, accountability can have negative connotations and is linked to micromanagement. No one wants to be labeled a micromanager --even if they display the behavior. Yet, accountability is a two-way street. 

Sales differentiation: a lesson in building trust

In a recent interview with author Lee Salz, we uncovered a captivating story and discussed the challenges faced by sales management and the impact on buyer-seller relationships. 

The Power of Optimism for Sales Success

How does your outlook on the future, your environment, the people around you, and your current circumstances impact your sales success? 

Why sellers must differentiate through exceptional care

In a recent episode of the Buyer First Interviews, I sat with Lee Salz, the founder and CEO of Sales Architects, to discuss the importance of good buying experiences and how sellers and managers can create an ideal buying experience. 

How we can help women in business

The lack of female representation in sales is still a prevalent concern in today's business environment. There are various reasons for this inequality, such as the difficulties and objectification women encounter, the perceived risks of being paid...

Are you destined to be an entrepreneur?

I grew up in a family of entrepreneurs and business owners. The concept of going to college and having a nine-to-five job at a desk was unfamiliar to my family, leading me to have a solid motivation to pursue my own path.