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Do you need to close larger deals?

Ben Aghion.jpegBen Aghion

Head of Education Sales, Neverware

"... resulted in me closing one of the biggest and most successful customers in my company’s 7-year history!"

We reduced the annual discount rate, thereby increasing our Average Order Value.” ~ Sales manager, Public SaaS company

“We closed the largest deal in company history, and there is more opportunity in that same account to grow.” ~Enterprise Sales rep, Public SaaS company

Do you want sales performance that breaks quotas?

Aaron Risler

Aaron Risler

Head of Sales, CollegeVine

"As the Head of Sales in a high growth company, I found it difficult to optimize individual rep performance while scaling. Carole was an incredible asset in forming best practices, leveraging data , and implementing systems to compound CollegeVine efforts into results. 

Across our engagement, she provided valuable insight into ways sales leadership can refine calls. We even witnessed double-digit growth in our deal conversion rate after updating our discovery process! Today, team members often reference Carole's discovery methodology..."

David Torres.jpgDavid Torres

LatAm Sales Manager, HubSpot

"...I felt as if no matter what I did I was treading water without making a solid move in any direction. Fast forward, I ended the quarter at 130%...helped me structure my days to enable reps to be successful by cutting away clutter meetings and yielding actionable coaching and feedback in every interaction...I can be actionable against it, vs. asking myself why my lagging indicators are all going downhill. Last year, we were the #1 team in the company."

Fiorella CardenasFiorella Cardenas

Inbound Agency Consultant, HubSpot

"About 8 weeks..., I got promoted. And now, about 3 weeks after finishing..., I’ve just found out that I’m at the 1 yard line from making it to President’s Club this year, something that I didn’t even think was possible in my first year. I am now able to afford to send money to my grandmother in Costa Rica, so that she can live out her retirement comfortably. I’m taking off to Cancun in 2 weeks, and I bought a new car today!"

Do you wish you could close more deals faster?

Michael_Douglas-1.jpgMichael Douglas

Director of Accounts, ENFOS

"I was doing OK. I sold 9 six figure projects in 7 years. I've sold 3 projects since I started getting coached 5 months ago and I've just scratched the surface. Now I am looking at my goals and thinking, 'Geez, I can do way better than that. No wonder it's called Unbound Growth." 


Rick Whittington

Principal, Whittington Consulting

"I found the coaching and advice to be incredibly unique from anything else that I've read or been through in the past. During our 90 day engagement, I was able to close about twice as much business as I had prior."

Is customer happiness and retention important to your business?

"We increased our customer retention rate to just over 98%." Sales Manager, Public SaaS company




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