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What is the sociology of sales culture? Can you hack your own psychology to be the salesperson your buyer needs? How can scientific research help to improve sales performance and prevent wasting money on training that doesn't stick? 

Did one of those questions spark your curiosity? Click below to learn more in the presentations available on demand.

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You know that everything is selling, and as such, that selling is a part of everyday life.

Whether you're in a traditional sales role, or if you're an entrepreneur who is trying to get investors or hire employees, or even if you are an employee who is trying to convince others of your ideas, abilities, and vision; we are all in sales. And if we're all in sales, we should be able to learn from each other. To truly learn, we need to be able to look outside of our own world to get a different perspective than our own.

That is why we held this interview series where Carole spoke to  experts in other industries and professions. From a Firefighter and Teacher, to a Navy Seal and an FBI CounterIntelligence Expert, these experts explain how they tackled tough challenges so we can learn from them and apply it to sales. 

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What Sales Can Learn From Series- Season 2

As Otto von Bismarck said, “Only a fool learns from his own mistakes. The wise man learns from the mistakes of others.”

Drawing inspiration from this quote, for season two of the What Sales Can Learn From Series, Carole spoke with successful sales leaders but she didn't ask them to put their best foot forward. Instead, she asked them to discuss where they messed up and what they learned from their mistakes.

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Whether you are a sales executive, the leader of a sales team, an entrepreneur, or anyone in-between, we have a session for you! Click below to access the full list of on demand sessions hosted by Carole on the Sales Experts BrightTalk channel.


Interviews & Guest Hosting 

I've had the honor of speaking to a number of wonderful people about topics that range from mindset to discovery questions and more! Click below to see the archive of videos.

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