Less than half of salespeople meet quota despite investments in sales technology and training.  

Even meeting quota is often not enough due to customer churn.  

If technology and training alone is not the answer, and selling more is not enough - then how do SaaS companies increase revenue?

The Road to Growth

Many sales organizations struggle with building the right team that is able to execute a prospect-to-customer experience that sticks.

The road to growth requires raising performance levels across the sales team for predictable quota attainment  and customer retention.

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How We Are Different

Science based. Field Tested.

Unbound Growth, a scientific sales development firm, eliminates the guesswork of how to develop and hire stellar sales teams using a proven data and science-based process that delivers validated predictable revenue.  

Utilizing a Sales Effectiveness and Impact Analysis, we analyze and compare over 282 different sales attributes and design development programs that install the right mindsets, behaviors and skill sets that align with how your buyers make decisions.

Sales teams who have been through our development programs have become the #1 producers in their company, with a 98% annual customer retention rate and a less than 10% discount rate. Individual sales reps have gone from 60-150% of quota in less than 6 months and gone onto promotions in their companies.

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Meet the team

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Carole Mahoney,

I believe that selling is about buying. Helping buyers to make the best decisions to solve compelling problems is what can make the world a better place. 

Sales is the connection between a problem and a solution. 

Therefore we have a responsibility both as individual sellers and sales leaders to raise the respectability of the sales profession. It is my personal mission to change the negative perception of sales by using behavioral science, data, and focusing on the buyer first. #notaboutme

When not pursuing this mission, you will find me somewhere outdoors in the woods of Maine. Whether it is hiking, running, swimming, or digging the weeds out of the garden- I am in my happy place when there is dirt under my nails.

Favorite Tea: Earl Grey
Favorite Children's Book: The Secret Garden by by Frances Hodgson Burnett
Favorite Band: Pink Floyd

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Carole Mahoney

Erica Metcalf,
Marketing Manager

Erica runs on hot tea, good books, and loud music!

At Unbound Growth, Erica is responsible for ensuring that all of the organic marketing and event promotion efforts are running smoothly. 

Erica's biggest passion project is her book review blog, Erica Robyn Reads. When she first started out, she read and reviewed a little bit of everything. Over time, she began to pursue books more heavily from her favorite genre, horror. 

Favorite Tea: English Breakfast
Favorite Children's Book: The Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister
Favorite Band: Breaking Benjamin

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Erica Robyn Reads

MorGan Mason,
Marketing Assistant

"I believe that you should feel content but never complacent. Life is about leaning into the discomfort and challenging yourself every day!"

At Unbound Growth, Morgan is responsible for various creative aspects. From creating custom graphics, to the promotion of content and various events, Morgan leads the charge with all things social! In addition to that, Morgan also assists in other marketing related tasks as needed.
Morgan enjoys partaking in a variety of activities from week to week. You can typically catch her hosting, scoring or playing in local pub trivia. Her love for singing frequently leads her to karaoke nights with friends. One of her greatest passions is mental health advocacy. She became a certified Peer Support Leader an In Our Own Voice speaker through the National Alliance on Mental Illness and has spoken at a number of events for the organization.
Favorite Tea: Chai 
Favorite Children's Book: The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein
Favorite Band: The Black Keys
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