How do you get more and better customers?

  • Do you know what differentiates your company from the competition?
  • How do your relationships with current customers and team members impact your business?
  • Are you being found by or attracting new customers and employees from your current networks effectively?
  • Are you a thought leader in your industry? 
  • Are you missing out on partnerships and referrals from your network?
What is your most important role as an entrepreneur? Without evangelistic customers, can your business survive? How do you balance sales, marketing, delivery and the running of your business? How many new customers could you handle in the next 90 days? 

What does an entrepreneurial sales development program look like?

  • Goal setting training and coaching to uncover you and your team's personal motivations for growth.
  • Objective personal sales and management assessments to customize a sales development plan that addresses you and your team's specific and unique strengths and challenges.
  • Continuous training and coaching to create and follow a time management framework for sales, marketing, delivery, and business administration duties.
  • Organizational coaching framework consultation with continuous leadership training and coaching for implementation.
  • Unlimited access to your coach/trainer's calendars and priority email support.

Inquire about small business sales development

"I found the coaching and advice to be incredibly unique from anything else that I've read or been through in the past. During our engagement, I was able to close about twice as much business as I had prior." ~Rick Whittington, Owner at Whittington Consulting