How do you lead your team to excellence?

  • Are you using proven science to know who to train and coach, on what, and how- or are you guessing? 
  • Do you want your team to solve smaller problems for themselves more often?
  • Do you know what motivates each individual on your team and how to tap into that motivation to help them create new behaviors?
  • Are you trying to recruit? How likely are your salespeople to recommend others to work with your company?

If you are new sales leader, or overwhelmed by the demands on your time and not sure where to focus first for fast results, you may worry that your team will be the collateral damage of your shortcomings.

You can build a culture of learning and continuous improvement for measurable growth using scientific and customized sales development strategies and tactics.

What does a sales leadership development program look like?

  • Goal setting training and coaching to uncover you and your team's personal motivations for growth.
  • Objective personal sales and management assessments to customize a sales development plan that addresses you and your team's specific and unique strengths and challenges.
  • Continuous training and coaching to create and follow a time management framework for training, coaching and administrative duties.
  • Alignment of your ideal buyer's process to your company's sales process.
  • Unlimited access to your coach/trainer's calendars and priority email support.

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"...thoughtful approach while developing strategies and solutions and she gave me valuable insight to issues I most likely would not have seen if not for her." ~Michael Allen