Acquistion Services

Sales is scary to some, but everyone wants to acquire and keep customers. We start with the people who will develop and execute a sales strategy and process that is aligned to your buyer's prefered buying process. The strengths and weaknesses of the individual will scale throughout a business.

Are you helping your customers buy the right thing, in the right way to develop customer evangelists?


Which deal can close now?

What skills are needed?

Inquire about sales coaching.


Where do you need to be?

How will you get there?

Learn about strategic consulting.


Is your process buyer focused?

Is everyone on the same page?

Engineer the buying process.

Attraction Services

No matter how people hear about you, they are going to want to learn more or not. Companies whose sales and marketing teams are aligned around the buyer generate 20% more revenue. We work exclusively with sales enablement marketing agencies whose focus is revenue first.

Does your marketing enable sales, or cause a disconnect?


How many leads?

Who is the buyer? 

How will they find you?

Align your strategy here.


What needs to happen?

How will it be created?

Who is able to do it?

Start getting stuff done.


What are the results?

Where do we pivot?

How do we scale?

Do more of what works.

Their words, not ours.

Steve_PfefferSteve Pfeffer 

President, PCA Products

"...knows the importance of attracting leads that are aligned with our sales team and asks the right questions to produce over 30% increase in revenue and profits."

David_MorrisionDavid Morrison

Revenue Strategist & Author

"...impressed with ... depth of knowledge and no-nonsense approach...guided me through my demons & constraints and helped me create a systematic sales process to keep my pipeline flowing."

Jeetu_MahtaniJeetu Mahtani

Managing Director, HubSpot International

" sales process is like a system with deals won and conversions becoming very predictable. Rick has deep sales experience that can be applied to any industry."