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Learn How We Help Scale Sales, Retain Top Talent and Customers

You can take the guesswork out of developing stellar sales performance.

Sales people who have been through our sales training and coaching programs are now #1 producers, close the largest deals in company history, increase customer retention rates, reduce discount rates and stay longer with their companies.

Individual Sales Reps have gone from 60% to 150% of quota in less than 6 months and gone onto promotions in their companies.


Sales Leaders

“At a time when finding and getting top sales talent is tough, she helped me design a recruiting process where we attracted the best sales candidates who choose to work with us because the recruitment process made them excited to work with us over the competition...goes beyond recruiting the right people for the right role…provides a process where exercising the positive traits of the individuals and minimizing the weaknesses produces way better results than ‘shouting at the scoreboard’.”

Marty Petraitis (this is a no brainer!)
VP of Sales, ClearPath Robotics

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Torres Headshot

Sales Managers

"...I felt as if no matter what I did I was treading water without making a solid move in any direction. Fast forward, I ended the quarter at 130%...I can be actionable vs. asking myself why my lagging indicators are all going downhill."

David Torres (la familia)
LatAm Sales Manager, HubSpot

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2019 MDouglas Headshot


"I was doing OK. I sold 9 six figure projects in 7 years. I've sold 3 projects since I started getting coached 5 months ago and I've just scratched the surface. Now I am looking at my goals and thinking, 'Geez, I can do way better than that. No wonder it's called Unbound Growth.'"

Michael Douglas (not the actor)
Director of Accounts, ENFOS

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Rick W


"I found the coaching and advice to be incredibly unique from anything else that I've read or been through in the past. During our engagement, I was able to close about twice as much business as I had prior."

Rick Whittington (funny you should say that…)
Owner, Whittington Consulting

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More About the Founder

Carole Mahoney

I believe that sales is the connection between a problem and a solution. When done in the best interest of others, better salespeople and leaders can make the world a better place.

Therefore we have a responsibility both as individual sales professionals and sales leaders to raise the respectability of the sales profession.

It is my personal mission to change the negative perception of sales- from the individual salesperson to the executives and leaders- by helping companies hire better and increase sales performance using proven science and a cognitive behavioral approach.

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Named one of the Top Sales Influencers to Follow in 2020 by LinkedIn.

Sales coach for the Harvard Entrepreneurial MBA Program.

A sales leader to watch by Sales Hacker.

Top sales coach by Ambition.