Buyer First Small Group Sales Training & Coaching

"Selling isn't something you do to others, it is something you do with them."

Who doesn't want to get more customers and clients that value their products and services? That is why we try every tip, trick and alphabet soup of sales processes and never understand why it seems to work maybe 50% of the time.

Your buyers are demanding more. They want sales conversation where they feel listened to, understood and collaborated with.

Don't we all?

When you put your buyer's needs first and engage with them they way they prefer, you will earn their trust and business.

Yet sometimes, we get in our own way. The good news?  You can change that. 

When you join the Buyer First Group Program, you will be matched with others in roles similar to you, but not competitive. 

Each group will be lead and coached by Carole Mahoney, Author of Buyer First: Grow Your Business with Collaborative Selling and sales coach at Harvard Business School. 

This 12 week course includes live classroom and lab sessions where we will meet twice a week, Mon/Wed, or Tue/Thur.  

  • The first sessions of the week will be for 30-45 minutes in a workshop style where we go over the frameworks and content, answer questions, and brainstorm ideas on how to apply them. 
  • The second session of the week will be a group coaching session for 60 minutes with 4 other students (non-competitors). Each student will have 15 minutes of coaching time with Carole to practice applying the frameworks to your specific buyer and situation. It could be brainstorming questions, messaging, or role-play practice for the conversation you need to have. 

This beta course has up to 4 students in each group and starts the week of Oct 9th. We are seeking students in the beta who will commit to providing feedback and testimonials when appropriate. 

The full course will launch in January 2024 for $8k. This beta course is being offered at $4500 when you sign up before Oct 6th. It will not be offered at this rate again.

Complete the form below to schedule a call and see if this is a fit for you and get copy of the draft syllabus. 

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