Got leads?

But need customers?

  • Are you generating leads for your sales team, but they're not converting to new customers?
  • Do you think inbound leads suck?
  • Has it gotten more difficult to get prospects to respond?
  • Are you having trouble differentiating from your competitors?
  • What is the best way to approach and nurture leads today?
  • Does Q4 need to make your year?

Listen to the recorded webinar as Rick Kranz, President of OverGo Studio ask how to build a systemized process and approach to nurture and close leads. 


Rick Kranz, President of OverGo Studio
Rick has 30+ years of business management experience. He is a bit of a serial entrepreneur having built many companies including a display manufacturing firm, a graphics company, a hair salon, an online retailer, and an inbound marketing firm. 


Carole Mahoney, Sales Coach
Carole has 10+ years of experience working with startup and small to midsized businesses helping them to grow sales and create customer evangelists for their business.


Rick Roberge, Sales Coach
Rick's clients are rock star rainmakers and individual producers that surpass quotas and lead exceptional sales teams.


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Convert More Leads Webinar