Done-With-You (DWY) Sales Hiring Program for Entrepreneurs

Not sure if you have the time, or right process to hire salespeople for your business growth? Or perhaps you have tried to hire salespeople in the past with not so great results?

With our two-million-plus database of sellers evaluated specifically for sales, you can recruit the best-fit sellers in a quarter of the time, and grow your revenue more predictably. 

In the DWY hiring program, we do the hiring process steps with you and your team to establish your specific qualifications and preferences, even when the job market is tough. That means you can quickly apply your sales hire criteria to qualified and interested sellers and sales leaders who are the best qualified fit according to objective data. 

Once they’re hired, you’ll onboard your new hires in weeks instead of months because we will consult your team on a repeatable and scalable onboarding process, so that you can hit your numbers in time. This reduces your risk of attrition, as every hire recommended that doesn’t work out will be replaced at no charge. 

And our unmatched 91 percent success rate for new hires means you can more predictably scale your sales team so that you can break through your revenue plateaus

This DWY hiring program starts at $15k per hire and includes:

  • Establishing your Ideal Seller Profile (ISP) to align with your Ideal Client Profile (ICP).
  • Sales hiring assessment license to screen candidates and inform the hiring process.
  • Resume reviews and recommended questions.
  • Interviewing and scoring candidate interviews with you and/or your team.
  • Final interview and offer recommendations.
  • Consulting and recommendations for onboarding documentation and cadences.

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DWY Sales Hiring Program