A Great Variety of On-Demand Sessions available now

On the Sales Experts BrightTalk channel, Carole Mahoney hosts various on-demand sessions with topics for everyone! From an entrepreneur just starting out, to a seasoned sales executive with 30 years in the books, you're sure to find something of interest and walk away with tips that you can use today. 

The three popular sessions include:

Crucial Keys to a Successful Sales Hire

Avoid the expensive costs of a failed sales hire. Check out this webinar to learn simple strategies to find and interview the right candidates and set them up for success. Access links to free tools to help in your hiring and onboarding processes.

The Science of Sales Development

Design your own sales improvement program with the scientific process helped one SaaS sales team reach the top spot in their company with 114% over quota for the year, at a 98% retention rate of new customers, and individual contributors going from 'on-plan' to promotion in less than 6 months.

Mindset Matters: How to help salespeople change their mindsets to improve sales

Join Carole as she shares her preliminary research into how to identify who on your sales teams can improve now and how to train and coach them using proven psychological and behavioral sciences. Find new ways to adapt your development programs according to proven science, not the latest trends, and to develop salespeople into quota busting rockstars that stay longer.

Other sessions available on-demand include:

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