Learn how to use LinkedIn the Inbound way.

How do you use LinkedIn to be helpful and build trust?

LinkedIn-EbookYour buyer is in control today more than ever before, and are doing their research online, forming opinions and short lists long before they contact you or your sales person. 

They have their guard up and don't want to be tricked, conned, manipulated, or sold. Traditional sales tactics don't work in an age where trust and transparency are your most valued assets.

Download the Inbound Way to Use LinkedIn and discover how to make this social channel a successful lead generation tool by:

  • Getting set up to make a good first impression.
  • Attracting attention and getting the right people to view your profile.
  • Start engaging in meaningful conversations with the right people.
  • Using search and connections wisely to find and reach out to people appropriately.
  • Analyzing the results of your efforts and making improvements to be more effective.

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First reactions:

"VERY actionable ebook.  I was compelled to review my "stuff"(profile, website, blog, twitter, etc.)  and make sure I was doing all that you suggested.    The Chapter 3 Finding People = makes sense out of a confusing topic.  Finally, how to NOT be a jerk on Linkedin." ~ Don Battis