Data, Research and Hypothesis

Step 1: Data based evaluation and customized plan

  1. With access to objective and validated third party data from over 1.7 million sales professional on 282 attributes, the data findings are customized to your role and become the foundation for your custom development program based on your individual strengths and weaknesses. If you are a sales manager or leader, your team is should also be evaluated in order to coach you on how to coach them. Click here to read about the science that supports this step.
  2. To establish your motivation for change, a comprehensive goal setting session is completed immediately after your evaluation questionnaire. If you are a sales manager or leader, we will also coach you on how to do this with your team. Click here to access the worksheets used.
  3. Once your personally meaningful goals are identified and documented, your coach will share your evaluation findings with you with specific reading instructions, an action plan worksheet, and a scheduled review date. If your individual team has also been evaluated, we will review how to do this step with them. Click here to learn the science behind this step. 

Experiment and Test

Step 2: Custom development program

  1. Based on your individual findings, we calculate the frequency of sales coaching needed and the length of your development program. We may also recommend specific training courses that you can take online.
  2. Regularly scheduled virtual coaching sessions are short (15 min) and focused on real world opportunities and conversations. Sessions follow a debrief, analyze, and practice framework.
  3. On-demand access to your coach's calendar for when those urgent calls or meetings arise.
  4. Access to a customizable coaching platform for email reviews and recommendations, call recording and analysis, best practice building, and custom skill challenges.
  5. Content and social media coaching to build an online presence and following.

Analyze and Refine

Step 3: Results and progress assessment

  1. Weekly and monthly reviews of goals, plans, progress, and results. 
  2. After 6 months, objective re-evaluation of progress comparison.