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Are you a sales leader who unsure on the best way to coach your salespeople on skills, mindset, and specific opportunities? Are you a salesperson who feels stuck and wants help on what to do to move an opportunity forward, or find new ones? Join us for the next Live Sales Lab where you can send in your scenario and listen in and ask questions during the live session.

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Sales Leadership Practices That Do More Harm Than Good

Join this session to discover what science reveals as some of the worst sales leadership practices today. How might some of these common sales development practices actually create sales problems that hurt the bottom line, prevent the improvement of sales people, and cause your best salespeople to leave? What could you be doing about it?

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Mindset Matters: How to help salespeople change their mindsets to improve sales

Join Carole as she shares her preliminary research into how to identify who on your sales teams can improve now and how to train and coach them using proven psychological and behavioral sciences. Find new ways to adapt your development programs according to proven science, not the latest trends, and to develop salespeople into quota busting rockstars that stay longer.

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The Lies Salespeople Believe That Prevent Sales Growth

Why do the majority of salespeople struggle to have conversations with buyers that build trust and add value? Learn what science has found are the hidden, but most common, mindsets and beliefs that the majority of salespeople struggle with and discover how they impact sales performance and growth. 

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When does the close start?

When does the close start in your sales process? Is it when they ask for a trial? When you identify pain points? When you get their timeline? When you confirm budget and authority? Or when you ask if they are ready to buy? How do buyers determine when?

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7 Reasons Salespeople Don't Get Better

There is no shortage of sales experts telling salespeople how to get better. Why is it we give them everything they need, but they just can’t seem to do it? Which of these 7 reasons are preventing your salespeople from improving and what can you do about it?

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