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Four Areas You are Underutilizing Email Marketing-How to Start

Posted by Jess LeBlond on 12/16/10 1:00 PM

Guest Post by Mitch Tarr

Many companies are trying to utilize email marketing to improve their results.  Some have taken the time to learn how to manage this tricky channel but most companies that we talk with could be doing much better. 

These inefficiencies simply mean that you're not getting all you can from your email efforts. 

Look carefully in these four areas to see if you have room for improvements. 

1.  Collecting email addresses. 
Building your list should be a top priority and you should be using ALL means possible to do so.  If you're a retail outlet, ask for email address at checkout. On your website, use a sign up form.  At a tradeshow hold a door prize drawing.  Or use any of the other 18 methods we use to help our clients build their list.  At the end of one year of concerted effort you might have a list of 18,000 names vs 3,000 names.  And you can do a lot more with 18,000 names to market to. 

2.  Segmenting your lists.
One top mistake we see is companies only sending email to one list.  That means prospects, interested parties, vendors, past clients, and blue chip clients are all treated to the same message or offer!  At least separate  your list into prospects, customers, and blue chip customers and then send a unique message or offer to each.  Your results will jump! 

3.  Sending automatic messages. 
Lead nurturing, drip marketing, transaction messages, auto-responders, no matter what you call it, these automatic sequences help your overall marketing efforts in two ways.  One, your marketing is set on autopilot, saving you time and two, your auto pilot messages help you to build trust.  The more people trust you the easier you are to do business with. 

4.  The monthly newsletter. 
Monthly newsletters are the most common use of email marketing.  Build a stronger relationship with your existing customers so they aren't inclined to go elsewhere when asked and you won't have to work so hard to acquire new customers.  Make sure you send something out AT LEAST monthly.  It's too easy to let time go by and not stay in touch.  These days your newsletter should also be short and sweet.  People are busy and will be thankful you respect their time to get them short, relevant news bites they can use in their day-to-day activities. 

Take a few moments and look objectively at your email marketing campaigns and see how diligently you are working on these strategies. 

Then, make an appointment with yourself to step it up a bit.

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