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How many emails & phone calls should you be doing in an hour in order to reach your goals?

This is a question that I just got asked on a coaching call from a new business development rep, who was way down on their leaderboard and freaking out because there was a huge gap between where they were and where their top performers were.

Data Analysis on the Impact Managers Have Motivating Salespeople


There is a lot that goes into effective sales coaching, but the research and results are real and measurable. Yet, even though coaching is where half of a sales managers time should be spent, there is little to no formal training and coaching on...

3 Sales Leaks CEOs Can't Afford to Ignore

I have been asked if summer is a slow season for me. Having worked with startup CEOs, small business owners, and enterprise executives for the past decade, summer is when the busy season is just starting!

It surprised me that I hadn’t really noticed...

How are sales lost to no decision?

This was the topic on a recent #livesaleslab, and it was inspired from several different places.

First, from sales people asking us, “Why do my prospects disappear after the proposal?” Then, from current clients wondering, “Where is the best place...