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How many emails & phone calls should you be doing in an hour in order to reach your goals?

This is a question that I just got asked on a coaching call from a new business development rep, who was way down on their leaderboard and freaking out because there was a huge gap between where they were and where their top performers were.

What was your biggest mistake & what did you learn from it?

Of course we had to ask Sara Gupta, the VP of Sales at Amperity, what her biggest mistake was.

Check out this clip to see what she discusses about her mistakes as well as lessons that she wished she had known in order to prevent those mistakes...

Advice for salespeople from a race car driver

What can salespeople, both new and experienced, learn from a race car driver?

Check out what Michael Hurczyn has to say in this clip.

How to overcome decision paralysis

Almost all of us are facing decision paralysis to some extent right now.

As entrepreneurs and sales leaders it may be where, what and unfortunately who to cut to conserve operational costs.

Many managers are struggling to decide how to motivate a...

The 3 Question Close

One of the most asked questions I get from salespeople, sales managers, and entrepreneurs is...How do I know when to close? How do I do it without being sleazy?Not knowing when to close is like a gardener not knowing when to pick the tomatoes in...

The Prospecting Habit

How do you make prospecting a habit?

How do you make it something that helps avoid the situation where you find yourself at the end of the month, end of the quarter, or end of the first half of the year wondering why your pipeline is so skinny?


How do you become a top salesperson?

How many books have you read? How many podcasts have you listened to, or how many workshops have you done all in the hopes that you'll learn the secret sauce to becoming a top salesperson?

As sales professionals, what does it take to master your...

How to get the feedback you want from your sales manager

Getting feedback from your sales manager can be scary. Especially if you struggle with a need for approval from others. But as they say, “Feedback is the breakfast of champions,” and like breakfast, get coaching and feedback everyday to take your...

Your quota is NOT a personally meaningful goal

They say when you are tired of talking about something, that is when people are just starting to get it.I am officially tired of talking about the importance of personally meaningful goals and how to create them.But there is still a long way to...

How To Handle Referrals

How do you handle referrals?

Because even in today's buyer-has-all-the-control- and information overload age, referrals will still cost you less, will close at a higher value, and will close faster than any other means of generating customers.