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What's really happening inside your buyer's mind?

What are some of the most common things salespeople say and do that turn off their buyers? And what's really happening inside your buyer's mind when you do and say them?

Create a Marketing Plan Like You Would Grow Tomatoes

Why prioritize your markets in your marketing plans? 

Determining your business objectives and deciding which target markets to pursue can sometimes feel like a game of chance. We don't want to miss any opportunities, and so the temptation is to...

Is Sales Relying Too Much on Marketing Workflows?

In his book "Sales Shift" (that you should be reading), Frank Belzer calls the approach of a prospect like approaching a red light. You go slow and look before advancing.

My best and worst day as an entrepreneur.

When asked how and why I started my business recently for an interview, I was a little nervous about telling the real story. Partly because it would be put into print, but mostly because was a painful tale once upon a time. But I told the truth...

Why Is Social Media a Sales Activity, Not a Marketing One?

If you were to try and make me pick the best conversation I had this week, whether it was through LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Quora, email, phone, on other blogs, on my own blog, or in person- I would have a hard time choosing. Clever as I may be...