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Book Review: Karma and the Small Town Rules

How Big Brands and Small Business Can Prosper in a Connected Economy

Why I read it: Despite the fact that the majority of my career has been with small business entrepreneurs, I have also consulted with large enterprise brands. Going between the...

Book Review: Sales Shift by Frank Belzer

How inbound marketing has turned sales upside down making it more difficult and more lucrative at the same time.

Book Review: Authors, Publishers, Entrepreneurs (APE)

Why I Read It

My reasons may be different from yours. Even if you have no interest in writing a book, this is one I would still recommend for your business book library. Skip ahead to "What I Learned" and ask yourself how you could apply the lesson...

Inbound and Gorgeous Women: What They Have in Common

So does inbound have anything to do with gorgeous women (or men)?