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Why relationship building is more important now more than ever

At Namogoo, Liz Ritzcovan and her team have been really proactive about reaching out to their customers well in advance, before their customers need them.

Learn more in this clip where Liz explains why focusing in on the relationships and...

Important aspects of leading a team during these times

Clear communication during times like this is absolutely critical. Liz Ritzcovan believes that there is no such thing as too much communication. But what other aspects should leaders really be focusing on today?

Learn more in this clip from the...

What lesson have you learned from making a past mistake?

Being assumptive is a mistake that Liz Ritzcovan recognized and learned from. In this clip, Liz shares why accurate interpretation is so important. 

Learn more by checking out the clip below!

How to learn from mistakes quickly

What things can you put in place in order to learn from mistakes quickly?

Check out what Sara Gupta, the VP of Sales at Amperity, has to say about what works for her in this clip from the What Sales Can Learn From series.

Benefits of being transparent with your team

Messing up is never comfortable. But even more uncomfortable than making the mistake itself is owning up to it. Rather than trying to sweep it under the rug, being open and transparent with your team can actually improve morale and trust. 


What was your biggest mistake & what did you learn from it?

Of course we had to ask Sara Gupta, the VP of Sales at Amperity, what her biggest mistake was.

Check out this clip to see what she discusses about her mistakes as well as lessons that she wished she had known in order to prevent those mistakes...

Why do so many salespeople try to hide their failure?

We all know that making mistakes isn't fun and that owning up to them can be even more nerve-wracking than realizing you made the mistake in the first place. But rather than quickly owning up to a mistake and moving on, why do so many people try...

Steps toward acquiring a leadership role

What steps did Sara Gupta, VP of Sales at Amperity, take to acquire a leadership role and how have her main focuses changed over time?

Check out this clip to learn more.

What does a leader look like to you?

What makes a great leader? Check out this clip where Sara Gupta, the VP of Sales at Amperity, discusses her top leadership focuses as well as the beliefs she needed to change to become a better leader.

Advice for salespeople from a race car driver

What can salespeople, both new and experienced, learn from a race car driver?

Check out what Michael Hurczyn has to say in this clip.