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Unlocking Business Success: Transform your discovery calls

I've learned that effective communication is crucial in sales. It has enabled me to make that initial connection and truly nurture relationships with my clients. 

Embracing Yourself: The Secret to Business Success

Happy Valentine's Day! Today is well known for exchanging gifts among lovers and couples. You know, all those hearts and flowers! But it is also a day to celebrate and love what we do and who we are.

Fostering Accountability: Empowerment for Growth and Success

Sometimes, accountability can have negative connotations and is linked to micromanagement. No one wants to be labeled a micromanager --even if they display the behavior. Yet, accountability is a two-way street. 

Sales differentiation: a lesson in building trust

In a recent interview with author Lee Salz, we uncovered a captivating story and discussed the challenges faced by sales management and the impact on buyer-seller relationships. 

The Power of Optimism for Sales Success

How does your outlook on the future, your environment, the people around you, and your current circumstances impact your sales success? 

What's the worst thing that can happen?

We're worried about the relationship that we're trying to build. We're worried that the person's going to get upset with us. 

Can you trust someone who doesn't listen?

What's going on behind the buyers' eyes and minds? How do the things that we salespeople do impact their buying decisions and the perception of sales? Jeff Peterson, sales manager at Spin Linen Management, shares a car buying experience with us in...

Sellers: Pay attention to these leading indicators

I asked Tiffany Lyman Otten to share her best advice for sales managers on how to improve, and leading indicators were at the top of her list:The first thing I would say will probably be a little controversial. Abandon the vanity metric. Because...

Yes! Time to talk to a salesperson

The right time to talk to a salesperson: It's the disqualification that you have to be able to do early, especially given that we know most of our buyers would prefer to do their research and everything else online before talking with a salesperson. 

Sales: Do you possess this superpower?

It's one thing to be able to sell to someone when we know that they're coming to us with a particular problem. But as Daniel Pink wrote in his book, To Sell is Human: "Our job is helping them uncover those problems that they don't know that they...