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Lead Quality a Problem? The #DIRFT Method & Smarketing

“Quality is caused, not controlled.”

#DIRFT, or (Doing It Right the First Time) is a phrase that has come across my radar a lot lately. The absolute critical importance of quality is a point that was raised on my April Fool's day post.

The Number One Reason Why Many Fail with Internet Marketing

Can Sales and Marketing Integration Save Time?

What is the one thing everyone always wishes they had more of? Money? Friends? Cars? Houses?

Conversion Optimization, Lead Generation, Sales & the Girl Scouts

What the Girl Scouts Taught Me About Sales, Leads and Branding

When I was of a certain age, I was a Girl Scout. I actually started as a Brownie in kindergarten and continued on through middle school. I think it was my mom's way of keeping me out of...

The Biggest, Baddest, Most Dangerous Online Lead Generation Myth

An Online Lead Generation Machine Will Not Increase Sales 

In fact, there are those who make the news with how many online leads they generated.

Lead Generation Services Comparison: Football, Mustangs and Sales

What Are Most Lead Generation Services Missing?

Are you trying to close more sales from online lead generation?

It sounds so easy right? Someone who comes to you should be much easier to close then someone you had to get in front of. For the DIY...

Inbound Marketing Increases Leads by 2,266.67%

This past week has been a whirlwind of great people and even greater content.