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What do salespeople get out of creating content?

Should salespeople create content? Should they blog? Should they create videos or podcasts? Should they add comments to other blogs and online discussion groups and share them on social media?

Or should they stick to pushing products along the...

Sales & Marketing Integration Analysis: Decision Making Styles

How Do You Make Decisions: Fear or Hope?

Someone once asked me what it is that makes me choose to work with one client versus another. In sales terms, he wanted to know what my "qualifier" was. I think more in terms of disqualification, so it was a...

Inbound Sales & Marketing Analysis: What is Missing?

It Is Not Conversion Rate Optimization, or Even Smarketing.

In the past month, I have seen a lot of good content, led great "brainstorming" conversations, and reconnected with some that have seen big changes in the past year and are anxious about...

Sales & Dating Analysis: Inbound Marketing and the Cold Sales Call

The Big Bang Effect: Inbound Marketing and the Cold Sales Call

Business Development Trend: Smarketing & the Buyer Seller Dance

I recently had lunch with a long-time colleague who was frustrated to the point of quitting her job and not really sure what to do to better her situation, help her company actually grow and motivate her team. Let's call her Baby.

Smarketing Sales Development: Are you always selling?

Always be selling. Sounds like a cheeky, cheesy sales guy thing doesn't it?

Not Just for Sales?

  • Athletes train- they are always running.
  • Students study- they are always learning.
  • Musicians play- they are always practicing.