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Do I still need ideal customer profiles?

Of course, we need to have ideal customer profiles today. But how do we need them? And what do we need to include in them? Are there some questions that we need to address? 

Why you need #buyerfirst sellers, like yesterday

"What is the best way to hire sellers, who will work best with our buyers?" Now, this is a question that I hear quite often. 

13 Reasons Why the Buyer Persona Matters More than the Search Engine

Why is it that as much as SEO changes, it still remains the same?

Content Marketing is Too Hard

  1. if you do it alone.
  2. if you aren't inspired.
  3. if you have a thin skin.
  4. if you are a perfectionist.
  5. if you expect immediate results.
This is an unofficial list of course, but it is my own personal writer's block list. Somehow admitting that you...

What Can Content Marketing Learn from Stephen King?

How Stephen King Might Create Buyer Persona Profiles

Buyer persona profiles seem to be in fashion these days with the push for content marketing to become relevant and compelling, not keyword stuffed and boring. Creating content, whether that is...

Applying Buyer Persona Modes to Create Customer Focused Copy

If Content is Currency, It's Worth Doing Right

You have likely heard all about content marketing and how crucial it is to SEO now. If you haven't, do a quick search on "Google Penguin and Content Marketing", that should get you caught up. (or you...

Building Trust in the Sales Process using Buyer Persona Modes

How to use Buyer Persona Modes

Recently I explained how using buyer persona modes for sales and marketing strategy was like watching your favorite TV show series. You get to know and understand the characters by their mannerisms (ie: analytics,...

CEOs- Are Your Buyer Personas Just a Figment of Your Imagination?

As you develop your ideal customer profile, how do you know if it is realistic?

I have to admit, the most nerve wracking part of what I do is this question that is always on the forefront of my mind. It must be how professional matchmakers feel...