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How many emails & phone calls should you be doing in an hour in order to reach your goals?

This is a question that I just got asked on a coaching call from a new business development rep, who was way down on their leaderboard and freaking out because there was a huge gap between where they were and where their top performers were.

What sales can learn from 11 years of marriage

It's that time of year when sales executives and salespeople are re-examining their strategies- what worked and what didn't?

Unfortunately, I have talked with more than a few that are re-examining their job prospects because things didn't work...

When does the close start?

Ok, before you read on, answer the question for yourself. When does the close start in your sales process?

What's on your dirty laundry list?

One of the things that we ask new clients to do is create a dirty laundry list. What are all the ways they have a lost a deal in the past? What obstacles came up? What last minute surprises derailed the process? Who put a halt to the deal that was...

When does preparation become a bad thing?

There is a lot of content and conversation about the need to prepare and do your homework before you get on a sales call or into a meeting. And that’s a good thing. But like note-taking, when is too much of a good thing? When does preparation...

Client Story: How can I close a deal faster?

***This is a client guest post by Kristin Dennewill who started her career in international management consulting and has lived and worked on four continents. This background gives her a unique perspective which she brings to her clients at Denamico...

Social Selling Tips from a Pile of Wood

Plus Another Key Takeaways from #Inbound13

One of the books I read recently was Small Town Rules: How Big Brands and Small Business Can Prosper in a Connected Economy. There are lots of great lessons and tips for both small businesses and...