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Transforming Sales Mindset: It's not about me.

Once upon a time, there was a new business owner (me!) who detested the notion of sales. It was a word that carried the weight of desperation and discomfort, and I found myself struggling in my business as a direct consequence. Like many others, my...

Breaking Free: How sales professionals can thrive

Now, I really enjoy working with all levels of the sales team, from the entry-level BDR to the company president. I don't just work with sales teams, ya'll; I also help self-employed individuals and small business owners who need to sell.

Unlocking Business Success: Transform your discovery calls

I've learned that effective communication is crucial in sales. It has enabled me to make that initial connection and truly nurture relationships with my clients. 

Closing deals: Talking to the right people

Reaching the decision-maker might sound scary, but it's worth it. Why? Well, not only does it make it more likely that we'll seal the deal, but it also helps us serve our clients better. Sometimes, what they need doesn't quite match up with what...

How Meditation Can Transform Your Sales Success

In my book, "Buyer First," I emphasize the significance of meditation and mindfulness practice - a whopping eleven times to be precise. Meditation enhances mental health and rewires our brains to form genuine connections with buyers.So, let's...

Wanna know what your buyers are saying?

Jane Gentry had much to say about her nightmare buying experiences that we might have a blog series. 

Do surveys help your buyer feel valued?

Tonya Bjurstrom and I had a fun chat about surveys because I love Tonya's latest newsletter, where she said, "When's the last time you took an online survey and thought, Wow! This is great! I feel so valued!"? 

Top three skills a #BuyerFirst Seller needs

I measure for several attributes and look for how to test, measure, coach, and train. It starts with mindsets. Then goes into attitudes and beliefs I know are necessary for you to be an authentic #buyerfirst seller. 

Should you do what your buyer wants?

I've heard from a lot of people and from some of those that I coach is that this fear that if they do this buyer first approach and their buyer is wrong about how they're seeing their problem or categorizing the solution:

Stop Creating Drama When Requesting These Meetings...

Do you get nervous when you have to talk to your boss or anyone who has authority over you?I mean, most of us do right at least a little bit, but can you guess what's even more nerve-wracking than that? Having your boss talk to someone you introduce...