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That person needs to stop talking, NOW!

Now I'm sure that you've all had that experience with someone, you know, that person. The one who asks you many questions, but they interrupt you before you’ve started to answer the question. Then they tell you about themselves, their experience,...

How to improve your discovery calls today

Are you one of the many people in sales who wants to improve your discovery calls? And how do we do that?

Do surveys help your buyer feel valued?

Tonya Bjurstrom and I had a fun chat about surveys because I love Tonya's latest newsletter, where she said, "When's the last time you took an online survey and thought, Wow! This is great! I feel so valued!"? 

Asking For Pain In Sales Conversations

Okay, super quick coaching tip for y'all. Have you ever wondered why our buyers recoil from us? Perhaps it is because we are so often told in sales that it is our job to dig for, discover, and uncover the pain. Then we become so laser-focused on the...

Dealing with Change & Uncertainty in Sales

Dealing with change and uncertainty is difficult. Check out this video or read along to discover: 

  • Why having a strong foundation of trust is key & how now is a great time to exercise that and illustrate to your team how much you trust them.

  • The...

The forgotten power of ‘scheduling the next meeting’

Richard Smith is the Head of Sales for conversation intelligence and coaching platform - Refract. He is passionate about developing sales people, analyzing the science behind sales conversations, and changing the broken culture and mindset towards...

4 Must Ask Questions Before You Click Send

Sometimes when we are coaching salespeople, we are reviewing sales calls, social media interactions, and yes- even email. Wherever and however the conversations are happening, we want to know about it.

Below are examples of 2 different emails sent ...

How to fail at selling and still win

I attended a networking event last night. My goal coming in was to track down, and connect with a top prospect in a strategic account I was trying to penetrate. I wanted to know if I can help them solve their business challenges.

After about an hour...

Does your sales approach build or destroy trust?

There is a negative perception of sales today that has been around for a long time. Last week I was reminded why that is when I got this email:

“Thank you for creating stellar content! Your blog rocks. Thanks for providing unique stories. I always...

The Renaissance of Sales

What will it take to create respect for the sales profession?

The state of sales today reminds me of what the state of the medical profession from the 16-18th centuries was. Sales, like medicine, has been evident since the beginning of recorded...