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Reaching the big boss without ruffling feathers

Have you ever felt like it's nearly impossible to connect with someone in charge when you're trying to sell something or launch your business? It's like there's a massive barrier in front of you, and the people guarding it don't want to let you...

Closing deals: Talking to the right people

Reaching the decision-maker might sound scary, but it's worth it. Why? Well, not only does it make it more likely that we'll seal the deal, but it also helps us serve our clients better. Sometimes, what they need doesn't quite match up with what...

Maximizing referrals and introductions for business

In business, referrals and introductions are powerful tools for growth. In this blog post, we'll discuss how to maximize them.

The Power of Meaningful Goal Setting

Embarking on a personal growth journey requires a delicate balance between my skill set and mindset, with meaningful goals as the bridge. While motivation is the initial spark, the disciplined consistency in honing our skills keeps the fire alive....

Be Fearless: Accountability and your personal growth

The journey towards our goals is more than just a commitment; it's a series of decisions that shape our path. In this blog post, I want to delve into the significance of seeking external accountability, drawing inspiration from conversations with...

How writing turns dreams into achievable goals

In the fast-paced world of entrepreneurship, small business ownership, and sales leadership, achieving long-term goals can seem like an elusive dream. Yet, there's a simple --yet powerful tool that can turn those dreams into reality: writing down...

Key Sales Benchmarks for B2B Business Owners Who Sell

When you are a small business owner or entrepreneur, it often feels like you need to be a jack of all trades for your company. Growing it from the ground up, keeping an eye on production and service, and at the same time figuring out sales. 

My Entrepreneurial Triumph: From Struggle to Success

I was honored to be asked to be a guest at the Monday Night Reading with AJ Harper last week. I read selected pieces of my Buyer First book. This piece was a raw expression of my “Struggle to Success”Almost two decades ago, when I ventured into the...

Listen: I just want to get pricing!

Tiffany Lyman Otten shares her buying experience, pricing, and the simplest thing she ever heard at her first sales job. Something companies, sales, organizations, and even founders trying to sell have yet to comprehend.

How to sell your "not perfect" product

The product is never going to be right there. Right? Like I hear this a lot from Tech startups where sellers are coming into it. It's like, “Oh I could sell it if it did that” or “I could sell it if it did this”, and, “But that”.