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Smarketing for Entreprenuers with ADHD

Can the Smarketing approach change your business, or your life?

Last week I talked with an entrepreneur who has a child with ADHD. I have heard many life and business coaches say that nearly every entrepreneur is, or has, some form of ADHD. I don't...

Why are Marketers Afraid of Smarketing?

You can teach sales to do marketing.

You can't teach marketing to do sales. Perhaps that is why you will have a hard time finding a college program that offers a sales degree. Most sales people have learned on their feet, in real life, not behind...

How Small Businesses Can Find Time for Internet Marketing

Many small business owners are overwhelmed at the very prospect of adding something else to their workload, even though they're equally petrified of being left out.
Relax! Internet Marketing is just another tool that helps you communicate with your...