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Keyword Analysis: Why is this in my Internet Marketing Strategy?

Why Do You Perform a Keyword Analysis?

  • To get visitors to your website through free organic rankings. (Getting found in search engines based on keyword relevancy not pay-per-click).
  • To get qualified traffic to your site. (The customers who need...

5 Reasons to do a Keyword Analysis as part of your Internet Marketing

I was not sure where to start with this week's post- most of the time my posts are inspired either by questions clients ask me, questions clients should be asking me, or recent trends and topics that I have read elsewhere (that I either agree with...

What are your customer's key phrases trying to tell you?

Anyone looking to sell their product or service online will find that their research will always start with a key word or key phrase analysis. A good key phrase analysis can tell you not only the key phrases that your potential customers are using...

If content is king, who are its subjects?

I know... it is a phrase that has been beat to death and held up as a banner to internet marketers everywhere. It is the elephant in the room wearing a tu-tu, so I felt I had to address it at least once.