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How Sales Leaders Can Make the Switch in Sales During a Pandemic

When I no longer had to share a room with my sister I was excited - now I can arrange my room exactly the way I wanted it

The problem was I couldn't decide exactly how I wanted it.

And so every couple of weeks my mother would come running up...

What do relationships have to do with sales?

What do relationships have to do with sales? Necessary, or not needed? No matter which side of the relationship discussion you are on, one thing is sure when it comes to sales and building trust, it's the #notaboutme mindset. Take the pledge here.

Why I do recommend books about sales

I love books. I love the smell of books. I collect them. I download them. I listen to them. I strive to learn at least one thing from every book I read, and I usually read 2-3 books per week. One fictional book (historical fiction, mysteries,...