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Collaborative selling: What you need to know

Are you as tired as I am of the age-old stereotype of the pushy, slimy salesperson? The image of the used car salesman in the cheesy suit still lingers in the minds of many. But there's a better way to approach sales—one that doesn't involve...

My Entrepreneurial Triumph: From Struggle to Success

I was honored to be asked to be a guest at the Monday Night Reading with AJ Harper last week. I read selected pieces of my Buyer First book. This piece was a raw expression of my “Struggle to Success”Almost two decades ago, when I ventured into the...

Prospecting Lesson: Don't try this at home

This chapter may be the whole reason you buy this book!

How Meditation Can Transform Your Sales Success

In my book, "Buyer First," I emphasize the significance of meditation and mindfulness practice - a whopping eleven times to be precise. Meditation enhances mental health and rewires our brains to form genuine connections with buyers.So, let's...

Why sellers must differentiate through exceptional care

In a recent episode of the Buyer First Interviews, I sat with Lee Salz, the founder and CEO of Sales Architects, to discuss the importance of good buying experiences and how sellers and managers can create an ideal buying experience. 

Are you destined to be an entrepreneur?

I grew up in a family of entrepreneurs and business owners. The concept of going to college and having a nine-to-five job at a desk was unfamiliar to my family, leading me to have a solid motivation to pursue my own path.

What's the worst thing that can happen?

We're worried about the relationship that we're trying to build. We're worried that the person's going to get upset with us. 

Can you trust someone who doesn't listen?

What's going on behind the buyers' eyes and minds? How do the things that we salespeople do impact their buying decisions and the perception of sales? Jeff Peterson, sales manager at Spin Linen Management, shares a car buying experience with us in...

Do you want my money --or not?

We're doing this series of episodes and interviews to understand what's really going on behind the buyers' eyes in mind. How do the things that we do as salespeople influence their buying decisions? How does it impact even the perception of sales?...

Why authentic conversations are important for sales

The authentic conversations are the authentic buyer journey. The reason it makes for a much better buyer and customer experience, they have consistency in the conversation with us. I'll get thrown over the wall, like, the technical engineer, the...