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Growing Key Accounts with Liz Heiman

The selling never stops.

Just because you have won the first opportunity doesn't mean your job is done. If you are truly looking to solve problems, you should be actively working with key accounts to find more ways to help.

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Unconventional advice for sales people at the end of the month

Are you like many of the sales people that I talk to who basically disappear at the end of the month because they're busy trying to close deals?

You've probably heard the saying that sales is a numbers game. But it's not.

I know, I know- it’s the...

How to get the feedback you want from your sales manager

Getting feedback from your sales manager can be scary. Especially if you struggle with a need for approval from others. But as they say, “Feedback is the breakfast of champions,” and like breakfast, get coaching and feedback everyday to take your...

Your quota is NOT a personally meaningful goal

They say when you are tired of talking about something, that is when people are just starting to get it.I am officially tired of talking about the importance of personally meaningful goals and how to create them.But there is still a long way to go....

How To Handle Referrals

How do you handle referrals?

Because even in today's buyer-has-all-the-control- and information overload age, referrals will still cost you less, will close at a higher value, and will close faster than any other means of generating customers.


Why Should They Buy From You?

On a recent #livesaleslab, we talked about two questions. First, why should people buy from you, and second, why should they buy from you now?

These seem like relatively simple questions to answer.

However, most of the time when I'm asking these...

How to Handle Premature Pricing or Demo Requests

So, how much does your stuff cost?

When is right time to break up with a prospect?

When I talk with salespeople about ghosting, when the best time to break up with a prospect is, and how to break up with that prospect, the analogy that's been left with me is dating.

Because throughout the conversation that I was having with...

What Prevents Salespeople from Asking Questions

Many salespeople I talk with aren't struggling so much with what questions to ask, but rather;

"What is preventing me from asking the questions that I know to ask and should ask, but I'm not asking them when I should?"

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Uncovering Unknown Problems

How do you help people buy solutions to problems when they don't even realize that they actually have a problem?


It's one thing to be able to sell to someone when we know that...