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This stat shocked me--are we in a sales crisis?

I think I am in shock. I don’t even know where to start. There is no good way to say this, so let me just say it. 86% of sellers today are bad at consultative selling and the only thing we are worse at is closing.

Getting 1% better every day is BS

Have you heard the phrase or seen the phrase being tossed around lately about “getting one percent better every day”, as much as I have? Yeah. Well, have you ever watched the ups and downs of the stock market, political polls, or tried to lose...

What's the goal of coaching?

So I want to share with you a recent conversation that I had with the director of sales who was thinking about how to better coach his sales teams.

And the question I asked him, the very first, was what's the goal of coaching?

How to overcome decision paralysis

Almost all of us are facing decision paralysis to some extent right now.

As entrepreneurs and sales leaders it may be where, what and unfortunately who to cut to conserve operational costs.

Many managers are struggling to decide how to motivate a...

How to get over fears to have better conversations

I want to share something that I share with a lot of my coaching clients, whether they're sales people, or managers, or even business owners... and that is, how to practice.

It's actually something that I learned for myself when I had to overcome...

Q4 Dating Advice for Salespeople

Guess what... It's Q4 and you probably feel like you're screwed. Like there's no way you're going to make up that amount of money or quota in the amount of time you have left.

I have one piece of advice for you, as my Nana would say, "Well, not...

How do you become a top salesperson?

How many books have you read? How many podcasts have you listened to, or how many workshops have you done all in the hopes that you'll learn the secret sauce to becoming a top salesperson?

As sales professionals, what does it take to master your...

End of month sales coaching and training

It’s end of month and if you are anything like the sales people and managers I just started working with, today you are either sighing in relief that you made quota- even if it was at the last day- or wincing in anticipation of the explanation...

Are you expecting too much from salespeople and managers?

Last week, my husband asked me to teach him how to play piano. The extent of his piano skills was playing with one finger the Miami Vice theme song. Showing him how to play reminded me how I first started and also how many sales people and managers...

The Science of Sales Development- Part 1

I have been talking a lot about the book ‘The Science of Selling’ lately because it begins to tell us- according to objective science- how buyers buy and the behaviors needed by salespeople to align to that.

It’s about time that sales leaders and...