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Maximizing referrals and introductions for business

In business, referrals and introductions are powerful tools for growth. In this blog post, we'll discuss how to maximize them.

Who's the douchebag? Is this a marketing disaster?

Pardon my language, but it is about to get worse, so I might as well warn you now. If you are easily offended, don't keep reading. In fact, you may want to unsubscribe from this blog.

Hopefully you will laugh, I sure did. 

I debated whether or not...

Death to the Marketing Agency of the Past

"We are not responsible or accountable for your sales."

I cringe whenever I hear a marketing agency or "professional" say this. I recently heard it from a prospect who was frustrated with their current marketing agency who said this to them when...

Managing the Clock of Your Business Growth

What entrepreneurs can learn about time management from a Super Bowl loss.

Sometimes I ask my husband to review my blog posts. If it makes sense to him, then I've done my job. But this is one post I am hoping he doesn't actually read. When the...

Are experts still needed in the age of the business blog?

And other Sales and marketing thoughts for the weekend.

Looking back over the past week's conversations, blog post reads and other things that have caught my eye, these questions seemed to stick with me on my Friday review. And sure, maybe I'm...

The Only Real Rule of Inbound Sales and Marketing

What does customer experience mean to your business in the 21st century?

"Remember the golden rule. He who has the gold, makes the rules."

Challenge Question: The Importance of Marketing? Or a Lack of Sales?

Are you an entrepreneur who eats what you kill?

A few weeks ago I was having a LinkedIn exchange with a fellow group member. Eventually we got to a point where he said this in his email.

Got Revenue? Need More? You pick: Sales, Marketing, or Door #3?

A salesman is a better marketer or a marketer is a better salesman?

These days, if you are not entrepreneurial in some way- you are being left behind. It is no longer a phrase exclusive to small businesses and start-ups. The most successful company...

Internet Marketing Morphs into Journalism

Marketing strategies both on- and offline can be described as in a state of utter unpredictability these days. 

Keyword Analysis: Why is this in my Internet Marketing Strategy?

Why Do You Perform a Keyword Analysis?

  • To get visitors to your website through free organic rankings. (Getting found in search engines based on keyword relevancy not pay-per-click).
  • To get qualified traffic to your site. (The customers who need...