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Is your sales process really the problem?

Whether you are a sales person in a company or a founder of a small company- you have a sales process already. Whether it is effective, scalable, and most importantly- designed around your ideal customer’s buying process is a whole other story.

Changing the language and perception of sales

On a previous #livesaleslab we talked about sales strategies, specifically sales prospecting strategies. A new participant in the weekly open sales call came in saying, “I really need to stuff the pipe a lot this month.”

Hopefully no one else on...

How do you build trust as you move through the buying journey?

The title is a question a new client asked last week. It was such a great question, we decided to explore it further in this week’s #livesaleslab. Here is what he is learning:

4 Things That Really Irk Me About Sales Processes

In case you didn’t know- I have not been one of those ‘lifelong’ salespeople. I disliked sales so much, that when I settled on what I wanted to learn in college, it was marketing because I wanted to learn how to use marketing to make salespeople...

Sales coaching, training and process- chicken or the egg?

This post started as a debate between sales coaching and training- which should come first? 

Should you take notes during sales meetings?

I used to think that no one was better at multitasking than I was. At one point in my life, I was a single mom, full time student, landlord, and worked full time on the ground floor of a really cool tech start up. Multitasking was my life. My mom...

Is the buying process more like a funnel, or a puzzle?

A lot of people are trying to figure out what the perfect sales process is. Some are even trying to figure out their ideal customer’s buying process. A few are even trying to align their sales process to their buyer’s process.

Sales 2.0 Tools, Your Sales Process and Your Customer

Why Sales 2.0 Tools Might be Hazardous to Your Sales Process

There seems to be a lot of buzz lately about sales 2.0 tools. Sometimes I feel like I am waving my arms at the masses and screaming "WAIT!" *sigh* If people just did what I told them,...

Building Trust in the Sales Process using Buyer Persona Modes

How to use Buyer Persona Modes

Recently I explained how using buyer persona modes for sales and marketing strategy was like watching your favorite TV show series. You get to know and understand the characters by their mannerisms (ie: analytics,...

Smarketing and Inbound Networking- Bedfellows?

Why might focusing on Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses be a good sales strategy?

I hope I am not letting the cat out of the bag, but this is the only strategy I can think of, right now, that makes sense for a sales director of a software company...