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Why Should Your Employees Get Sales Assessment Tests?

Sales techniques are about building relationships. 

Every interaction your customer, clients, members, patients (whomever it is that your business exists to serve) have with you is a chance for your organization to add to the yes or no column in...

Customer retention or customer acquistion: Are you playing the odds?

This might be a bit of a stretch, and it might be a bit of a rank because I am still irked by the Patriots non-win on Sunday. But in the 5 minutes of time I spent listening to post-game analysis one thing became apparent to me. The Pats played...

What is the best way to get sales and marketing teams to collaborate ?

Why can't they understand the importance of working together? 

A marketing person asked this question on sales and marketing alignment LinkedIn group a few weeks ago. Here were some of the answers offered.

Smarketing Petition: Sales & Marketing Strategy Valentine's Day Ban

Sales and Marketing Integration Needs No Reminder

I was going to wait to post this just before you left the office, in the hopes that it will put a smile on your face. But patience is not one of my natural strengths.

Book Review: Marketing Lessons from the Grateful Dead

Why I Read It

Although I grew up in the height of the 80's, my typical big-haired 80's girl persona was short lived. By highschool I was a closet hippie in boots, tie-dye and gypsy skirts. My favorite music included Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, the...

Are Customer Persona Modes the Next Big Thing?

Are Customer Personas a Valid Marketing Methodology?

There is some debate as to what a persona is and whether it is valid methodology to implement for marketing strategy. With the rise of social media, personas have gained some attention among...

What to Do if You are Worried They Might Say Something Bad on Social Media

So a recent call with one of my favorite clients (they know who they are)- prompted a discussion of the changes in marketing with the advent of SEM and social media. Lisa, you put it brilliantly when you said it still comes down to a simple...