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Does the website guy make more money than you?

Posted by Joseph Jerome on 11/7/15 9:00 AM

Do you remember when you launched your first website?

If someone asked you why you did it what would your answer be?  Was it any of these?

"I saw my competitor did it and I knew I had to."

"I wanted to be out front of things and stay current."

"I started a new business and everyone has a website."

Did you change the website again?  Are you planning on another one?

Are the reasons different now?

I'm known for making websites and growing businesses.

Is that the same thing?

A lot of people who do what I do think it is.  I have learned that it isn't.  The majority of people come to me to fix their website or redo it.

My first question is "Why?".

Do these answers sound familiar?

  • "It's outdated."
  • "It doesn't look good."
  • "I just think it's time for a change"
  • "It needs to be more engaging."
  • "I need to drive more leads."
  • "It needs to be more Inbound."

Those answers make sense to a lot of people.

Do they make sense to you?

As more “Why’s” and other questions get answered you get closer to the right answer. What is the “right” answer?

Is this it?

“I want to grow my business.”

Websites can be expensive.  Often starting over $10,000.  Complicated websites can get closer to six figures.  Over 5 years even small and medium sized businesses may invest well into the six figures on a website when you consider everything involved.


How do these answers to Question 1 sound now?

"It's just time to change it."

How about this?

“I need to generate more leads”

Seems better but do the leads matter if your sales team can’t close them?

When you hire your firm for a new website do “they” care if you make more money from it? 

If they aren’t asking the right questions, who will?  Will you?  Do you know what to ask?

I’ve been on hundreds of calls about websites.  I’ve asked a lot of questions.  People have asked me a lot of questions.  Could their questions or answers help you?

What are the questions you have about websites and growth?

 We’ve put together 100 questions for you to ask yourself and the firms you interview. 

Get the Crucial Website Questions now.


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